Tickled pink

Here is her updated ‘Reggae’ motor. The old yellow leads had to be replaced, pink was all that was available. Luckily Lucy is a girl!

For a brief time Lucy was named Lafina. This was because a new registration type was introduced. Instead of a ‘T’ for the province of Transvaal, GP was (and is) used for Gauteng Provence. Locals of Johannesburg prefer Gangster’s Paradise!

Maybe it stands for Girly Pink…


2 comments on “Tickled pink

  1. driving with that kind of styling was unheard of at that time 🙂 … even if it was “hidden” from view 🙂

    • HIya Rocco. I recall at WITS Tech and a shopping centre, people peering into the engine bay. They were probably thinking: ‘what the ….!’ Mind you, a rastafarian seeing it would probably think: ‘outvention but, me aprecilove’. Apologies to any rastafarians for my poor Lyaric.

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